The Final (four) Countdown

In our continuing series of Superhero Madness…….

Dr. Doom (Louisville) vs Dark Phoenix (Wichita State)

Doom was tired of the Dark Phoenix.  Every time this cosmic force came to Earth it went bonkers and went all crazy evil.  Doom would not tolerate it again. 

So Doom hacked into Tony Stark’s computers (You know, because Doom had a bit of Stark’s technology from back in the day when they would team up and have adventures with King Arthur and Merlin) and he gave some schematics on how to kill the Phoenix Force.   Thus everything that happened AvX was because of Doom, proving once again Doom is the greatest villain ever.

Wolverine (Michigan) vs Iron Man (Syracuse)

Too bad Iron Man didn’t show up for this fight and Wolverine wins by the default.  Tony had some excuse about promoting a movie, dressing up as Sherlock Holmes, and then building a huge cosmic force killing robot from some mysterious schematics he found on his data base.  Probably some employee drew them up after watching too much anime. 

Wolverine advances to the final round.

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