The Games are Set

March Madness of Superhero MayhemSomething that every person who reads comics has done is think who would win in a fight.  Would it be Batman vs. Wolverine, Deadpool Vs. Spiderman, Aquaman Vs. Namor.  (haha, just kidding, we know Namor would kick Aquaman’s ass)  But instead of thinking who would win, we are letting the NCAA tournament decide the winner. Each super hero has been placed next to a team in a random fashion.  (exception is wolverine, because how could you not have put him in for the Wolverines)

After each day of the tournament, the winner of said games, along with their super hero, will advance to the next level.  Where the fun comes in, is that we need to come up with a story of how it went down.   We will be posting each day, or the day after, of who won the battle and why.  This is new territory for us at Drunk on Comics as the writers of what could be an epic battle for domination.  We hope you enjoy

Also, a better higher res picture of the bracket can be found here:

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  1. Kevin V says:

    My bets for the final four are: Paste pot Pete in the Midwest, Wolverine in the South, Batman in the East, and Ultron in the West.

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