The Mysterious Strangers #4 Review

The Mysterious Strangers #4 Review

Mad Gods and Englishmen part 2

Oni Press

Writer: Chris Roberson
Artist: Scott Kowalchuk
Colorist: Dan Jackson
Letterer: Ed Brisson
Cover: Scott Kowalchuk and Dan Jackson

Review by: Tom Barnett

You don’t need to read issue 3 to jump on issue 4 and enjoy this book. The Mysterious Strangers is a pure joy to read. This book is a twist on old 1960’s spy shows, like Avengers, no not the Marvel ones, or Get Smart. You can almost hear the campy music start playing when you open the book. In this issue the team of Mysterious Strangers must stop a popular British musical group from ushering in a new reign of terror from the long lost Sun King.

Chris Roberson wastes no time in getting the story rolling, building it up and then bringing it all together. This book feels like a 60’s spy show, because Roberson has deliberately plotted it that way, from the teasers on the first page to the explanation wrap up on the last page. And you have to love the dialogue, as one band member said, “Sorry about the apocalypse and all.”

Scott Kowalchuk artwork is fantastic in this book. The scene where the Sun King comes alive is straight out of a 1960’s comic. He throws in some nice little details like musical notes in the sky background while the band is playing. Plus, each story arc has had its own interlocking covers. A nice touch that I hope keeps up. And is it just me or does Absalom Quince remind you of an older Jimmy Smits?

Rich color work provided by Dan Jackson who really plays up the 60’s feel on the character introduction page. Nice lettering from Ed Brisson, especially in the aforementioned scene of the Sun King coming to life. Brisson added some nice, touches to the fonts there.

This is such a fine series. Roberson and crew serve up a swinging tale of adventure. If you like comics, if you like 60’s tv, get this book.

Story: 4
Art: 4.5
Overall: 4.5

Tom is a contributing writer for Drunk On Comics. You can follow him on Twitter at @tphoto10.

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