Episode 11: The New Lost Episode


On this week’s episode, Derek and Kevin kick back and talk about a ton of books. They also announce the group’s first official convention appearance!

During “Off the Shelf”, the guys talk about Space Punisher #2, Superman Family Adventures #3, The 6th Gun tradepaperba Volume 1, Fanboys vs. Zombies #5, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #2, and Deadworld: War of the Dead#2.

Derek pairs Gambit #1 with Hamm’s beer in the “Booze & a Book” segment, and they review Idolized #1 in “The Indie Turnpike”.

They also talk about the rumors of the Justice League movie, and struggle in general to keep each other on track!

So sit back and let the boys make some sweet, sweet love to your ears. You know you want them to!

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