The Rocketeer/The Spirit 1 review

The Rocketeer/The Spirit 1 review

“Pulp Friction, Part 1”

Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Paul Smith
Colors: Jordie Bellaire
Letters: Tom B. Long
Covers: Paul Smith, Darwyn Cooke

Review by Scott Keys

For years now, The Rocketeer has been one of my favorite comic properties. Dave Stevens’ seminal creation captured the 1940’s pulp-style storytelling, and even inspired a movie in 1991 (which I enjoyed, by the way). You mix that with The Spirit, an actual pulp character from the ‘40s, and I do believe you have something good on your hands!

Who would you choose to write such a cool crossover? None other than Mark Waid, self-professed comic historian! Waid has been writing another pulp hero, the Green Hornet for Dynamite (another great series, just to let you know), and he simply “gets” both of these iconic characters and the ‘40s era look and feel. He does an excellent job giving both The Rocketeer and The Spirit ample “screen time” while setting-up the story. He also throws in the supporting characters you’d expect with these two characters, and the scene at the end with Betty and The Spirit…priceless! Betty could have been one of the many women from the world of The Spirit, she fits right in.

Just as Waid was the perfect choice for writer on this series, I don’t think they could have done ANY better than Paul Smith on the art chores! His art just oozes ‘40s pulp, from the panel layouts, the hairstyles, everything is spot-on. He just nails Dave Stevens’ style so well, and makes The Spirit and his supporting cast feel right at home in Cliff Secord’s world. Smith’s work, from his portrayal of The Rocketeer’s aerial acrobatics to the facial expressions and visual storytelling, is truly a marvel to behold, simply beautiful!

Do you like pulp comics? The Rocketeer? The Spirit? Then what are you waiting for, just buy the book! No regrets here, only pure joy and sheer perfection!

Story: 5 / 5
Art: 5 / 5
Overall: 5 / 5

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