The Wonderful World of Whiskey

SendboozeMost of here on the site like to kick back with some liquor on the rocks.   Myself, I’m a cheap ass Hollander and can simply enjoy Southern Comfort (don’t even need ice…).  Sometimes I’ll splurge and grab me a Jameson Irish Whiskey.

Between birthdays and the Holidays, friends and family have purchased me a variety of booze.   I am very thankful of these gifts that keep on giving.  However, lately it has made me wonder, “What is the difference between the Bushmills, Makers Mark, and all the others that are now slowly being depleted in my pantry?”

One of the sites that I found that laid it all out for me is shown below.  Simple read.  And now I know.  And knowing is half the battle.

Courtesy: Of Iron and Oak

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