Third Round Recap (South Brackets)

Superior Spiderman (#1 Kansas) OVER Bullseye (North Carolina)

What is Bullseye ability?  Shooting straight?    Come on!  Spidey Sense just makes its too easy for him to overtake a fancy shooter.


Wolverine (#4 Michigan) OVER Ozymandies (#5 Virginia Commonwealth)

The average person doesn’t know who the fuck Oxymandies is.  He dies because everyone shames him to go away and get 1) a cooler name and 2) better clothes.


Sinestro (#3 Florida) OVER Cheetah (#11 Minnesota)

After a dramatic hair pulling and cat-scratching match, Sinestro is victorious.


Kingpin (#15 Florida Gulf Coast) OVER X-23 (#7 San Diego State)

Who the hell cares who beat who in the fictional world?!  Florida Gulf Coast winning and entering the Sweet 16 is the best.  Who doesn’t love an underdog?  Especially with a team that has been a trip to watch.

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