Todd, the Ugliest Kid on Earth #8 Review

Todd, the Ugliest Kid on Earth #8 Review

“Charlie Rose’s Table: Public Broadcasting Satan” Part 4

Image Comics
Story: Ken Kristensen & M. K. Perker
Writer: Ken Kristensen
Artist: M. K. Perker
Colors: Sedat Gosterikli
Cover: M. K. Perker

Review by Eric Owens

With the sheer number of absurdities in this book, it’s impressive that there’s a coherent story. That everything actually ties together neatly, if ridiculously, is quite an achievement. In this special holiday issue, Todd ventures to Hell via Charlie Rose’s black magic-imbued table to rescue his sister, Sally. Well, she’s really the daughter of an actress Todd’s father has been obsessing over, but that’s close enough.

Meanwhile in Hell, Satan deals with his rebellious son, Craig, at a group therapy meeting run by Joan Crawford. Craig is the white sheep of the family. He sneaks a Bible into a copy of Hustler and plans to save himself for marriage, despite his father bringing him virgins, such as Sally. See? It all ties together. Kristensen even finds a way to work Santa into the issue in a way that’s logical, or as close to logical as this comic allows itself to get.

Perker ably handles the art duties. There’s a certain charm to the homeliness of the majority of the cast. Todd may be the ugliest kid on Earth, but nobody else in Granby is going to be winning any beauty contests. Gosterikli’s coloring is fantastic, with the work on Perker’s extra horny Satan standing out. Everything has a slightly filthy, washed out look that complements the slightly dark tone of the book’s humor.

The book trades in the kind of humor that can make a reader uncomfortable, even when you’re laughing at it. If you’re fine with that, then pick up the next issue, which kicks off a new arc. It’s a fast-paced book, so don’t expect explanations for all of the weirdness. Just roll with it and try to avoid needing to explain to anyone what it is you’re laughing at.

Art: 5/5
Story: 4.5/5
Overall: 4.5/5

Eric is a contributing writer for Drunk On Comics. You can follow him on Twitter at @EricDOwens.

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