Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril Review

Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril Review
“Masks and the Red Death”

Writer: Peter Hogan
Pencils: Chris Sprouse
Inks: Karl Story
Colors: Jordie Bellaire
Letters: Todd Klein
Cover: Chris Sprouse & Karl Story

Review by Scott Keys

Some of my favorite Alan Moore concepts were Tom Strong and Terra Obscura. Last month saw the return of Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril, which just happens to be Terra Obscura. What’s happened on Terra Obscura since we last were here? Will Tom Strong find Tom Strange?

Well, as the title of this issue says, Red Death has happened to Terra Obscura. As you know (or maybe you don’t, so I’ll fill you in), Hogan helped co-plot the original Terra Obscura mini-series, so I was very happy to see their return, and Hogan at the helm again. I have to say that the re-imagining of Terror (Tim) as a Terra Obscura version of The Vision is brilliant. Hogan really came up with a great concept there! I also like how he catches the readers up on what’s happened on this planet since we saw it last. I’m a real sucker for these types of books, having loved Tom Strong and the Terra Obscura minis. I have loved every page of this series so far, not only for the excellent writing, but also…

Chris Sprouse! Sprouse can do no wrong in my book! His clean, sleek style and character design make this book simply perfect! Hogan wrote the concept of Terror being an android, but it’s Sprouse’s flawless execution of said concept that really sets it off. That image of Terror recharging is great, but the scene where he comforts Carol shows how talented Sprouse is…he can show emotion in an emotionless android! Now THAT is good!

If you’re a fan of Golden Age heroes, updating old concepts, or just fun science hero adventures, then you should give Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril a try! There aren’t many comics out there that are better than this one!

Art: 5 / 5
Story: 5 / 5
Overall: 5 / 5

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