Top Comic Books for the Week of September 3, 2014

Top Comic Books for the Week of August 21, 2014

The best of my pull list by Scott Bachmann

I’ve put to the top the comics that made my week. That doesn’t mean the others were bad, just that these stood out. Note: I get my comics from mail order by a week delay, and by ComiXology, so some titles may be older, especially indy books.

Nothing really stood out last week, this week was better.

black widow 10Black Widow #10: Story Nathan Edmondson, Art Phil Noto, Letters Clayton Cowels

This title remains consistently excellent. Sharp writing, great plotting and amazing Noto art. This is better written then most spy movies, and far better than the bond films. The action seemed a little crazy as Hawkeye guest stars and the two duel bow to bullet. Natasha consistently makes impossible shots that shoot out wires while she’s moving. Wires. Lots of them. Seriously, make it a drinking game and take shot every time The Black Widow shoots a string with a gun. The show stealer though is Natasha’s – um – don’t know what to call him – intern? Anyway, ex-mafia intern has shown a decided concern for the Widow and bad guys have kidnapped him to use that against her. He’s bait. He’s also hilarious under interrogation. Bruce Willis would play him if they made a movie. This story, if you like spy games, draws you in while the Noto art seals the deal and makes you love the killer in red.

guardians of the galaxy 18Guardians of the Galaxy #18: Story Brian Bendis, Pencils Ed McGuinness, Inks Mark Farmer, Colors Justin Ponsor, Letters Cory Petit, Cover McGuinness, Farmer, & Ponsor

I almost picked X-Men 31 by Bendis as the dialog and character bits were great, but Guardians stole the show with art alone. I can’t tell where McGuinness leaves off and wear Farmer and Ponsor begin. It’s a perfect gell of talent that layers one amazing layer onto another. The action is BIG and easy to follow. The visual EFX are worthy of a cosmic book that has both Nova and Thanos in it, not to mention Star Lord wielding the cosmic cube. It opens with a two page spread so epic I want to hang it on my wall.

The story is how Quill escaped the Cancerverse, after Nova and Quill sacrificed their lives to trap Thanos there. It also works – and feels like it picks up right where Abnett & Lanning left off. Brian gets Rich Rider and Peter Quill’s voices right and everyone else comes of well. If you liked the movie, you’ll enjoy this.

fables 143Fables #143: Story Bill Willingham, Art Mark Buckingham, Ink Steve Leialoha and Andrew Peppy, Colors Lee Loughbridge, Letters Todd Klein, Cover Nimit Malavia

If your not reading Fables, you’re making a mistake, but this isn’t the place to jump on. It’s winding up to it’s series final and laying all the cards on the table. So for those of us that have followed along since this beginning, this is gold. And the best line? “Beep.”

For the rest of you, grab some trades and discover the story Once Upon a Time wishes it could be.

mighty avengers 13Mighty Avengers #13: Story Al Ewing, Art Salvador Larroca, Colors Matt Milla, Letters Cory Petit, Cover Greg Land & Frank D’Armata

The Mighty Avengers has consistently been excellent with it’s characters but this is BLADE at his best. This is the best Blade I’ve seen since the movies. Al Ewing does great things with characters that Marvel has let collect dust or couldn’t figure out what to do with. Blue Marvel tends to be my favorite. He’s the elder statesmen hero and is different from anything else on the shelf.

Honorable Mention: She Hulk #8
This is what this comic has been aiming for and it finally stuck the landing. Fingers crossed that this is what the comic will be like from here on out.

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