Unity #2 Review

Unity #2 Review

Publisher: Valiant Entertainment
Writer: Matt Kindt
Art: Doug Braithwaite
Colors: Brian Reber
Cover: Doug Braithwaite

Review by Scott Keys

If you thought issue 1 was high-octane excitement, wait until you read issue 2! Picking up after Unity #1 and X-O Manowar #19, Unity #2 is packed with wild action, awesome strategy by our “rescue” team, and a pretty amazing ending!

I’m am continually amazed by Kindt’s writing! This story he’s telling is so wide in scope, yet he handles it so well! Harada convinces Livewire to help, so they take off (with Gilad) to try to rescue Ninjak and stop the Russian missile from causing WWIII. Of course, in the words of Admiral Ackbar…It’s a trap! X-O has them right where he wants them, exiled in space away from the battlefield. Little does Aric know that Livewire is hacking his system, and eventually (SPOILERS!!!) takes over the X-O armor! When you take this great story with all of it’s twists and turns, and give it to Doug Braithwaite, you know it will be beautiful. Add Brian Reber’s colors, which give Braithwaite’s already detailed art even MORE depth, and you have one of the best looking books on the shelves right now!

If you missed issue 1, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!? Valiant has thrown down the gauntlet with Unity, and you’ll be sorry if you don’t jump on this title in it’s infancy, because BIG things are coming from Valiant!

Art: 5 / 5
Story: 4.5 / 5
Overall: 4.5 / 5

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