The X-Files Season 10 #8 Review

The X-Files Season 10 #8 Review

Publisher: IDW
Writer: Joe Harris
Artist: Michael Walsh
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
Letterer: Robbie Robbins

Review by: Josh Gillam

This X-Files series continues to deliver some great sci-fi stories in this latest issue. This issue continues to follow agents Mulder and Scully as new plots unfold. We see the return of two key characters from the TV series that were thought to have been dead. There aren’t a lot of mysteries revealed in this issue, but many more are set in motion. In addition to a return of characters, we also see the return of the alien virus, Purity. Much of this issue is spent on Mulder being lead to discover a vial of this virus left for him by one of his old informants. There is a shocking cliffhanger at the end of this issue that is a complete “WTF?” moment.

Joe Harris continues to mix old mythology from the TV show with new concepts created in the comic series as he weaves a whole set of mysteries and conspiracies. This issue brings up so many new questions, while answering none of the questions we already had. While that might be frustrating for some, it is a formula that fans of the TV show are all too familiar with. As Harris continues this style, he keeps the reader turning the page, dying to know what comes next.

There are some specific panels in this book that, being a fan of the TV show, I particularly enjoyed. One in particular is where we see Mulder sticking pencils into the ceiling, which is something he did in the TV show when he was bored. I enjoyed Michael Walsh putting little nods to the show throughout this issue.

X-Files fans everywhere should be picking up this book It has the same feel and style as the TV show, and doesn’t falter in bringing this world into comic form.

Story: 5/5
Artwork: 4/5
Overall: 4.5/5

Josh Gillam is the creator and writer for the webcomic/comedy project, Cynical Stew. You can follow him on Twitter at @Cynical_Stew

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