Zantana (Oregon) vs Conan (Saint Louis)

When we last left our barbarian, Conan was heading to town for drink and women.  To his surprised he found a voluptuous, fair skinned lass performing magical parlor tricks at a local drinking hole.  Conan, with the confidence of a frat boy who has consumed half a keg, approached the well-endowed lass and threw down a sack full of gold.

“Women, your talents have hypnotized me.  Come share my bed tonight.”

Zantanna has had enough of men try to sleep with her for her to easily fall for this insulting seduction,  but then again, this one is quite manly and he does seems to have a fair amount of wealth with him….

Hours later, after many, many love-making merriments and an excessive amount of alcohol, Conan finally passes out.  Zantanna, weary from her night time rendezvous, silently slips from the Cimmerian’s side.

“Well I suppose I earned this tonight,” she says as she gathers up the barbarians considerable assets.  “It’s a shame.  He is quite a man… destined for greatness, but I have other business to attend to.”

As she leaves the room she gives one last look at the barbarian, and then walks out the door ready to make her own destiny.

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