Another Interview with Dirk Manning


We had the pleasure to speak with Dirk Manning once again. In this interview, he lets us know about his big project with the flip book of Love Stories to Die For.  Both of the stories contained in this extra large size comic can be ordered through your local comic book store.

Dirk also let us know about his 4 part story arc in The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West #12.  In the next couple of issues he is going to tell the story of where the flying monkeys have come from.    From the what he told us, this comic which debuted last year from Big dog Ink, is like the wild west, but with Oz characters.   From what we learned, it is the kind of story that we highly recommend.  Check it out as well.

Dirk also said he has some future stuff coming up which he can’t quite tell us yet.  (we figure he is saving it for another chance to be a guest on our show)  But in all honesty, Dirk Manning is always a great person to interview, and we can’t thank him enough for all of the support he has shown us here at Drunk on Comics.


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