These are some of the great bits of the web we have found that will be interesting, funny and ultimately a great waste of time when you surf the net.

If you ever find yourself bored on the internet, and you want to find something different on the web, there is an unending stream of websites that are so useless, they exist only for the simple joke of the url name, or a dumb picture and music.  In fact, this website will take you to the most useless places of the internet that you didn’t even know existed.  Enjoy.
The Useless Web

Of the many webcomics out there, none are as humorous and adult orientated as OGLAF.  The stories are set in a fantasy world where sex runs rampant.  The jokes are pretty much highbrow with the many settings of sexuality which could turn a great joke into just a dick and fart joke. The first story arc will definitely get you to come back for more. (if you go to the page, you will see what i did there)

When you are bored and need something to do, check out the fucking homepage of the internet.  Here you will get picture of the day, life tip of the day, even the fucking person of the day.  Definitely a place to learn something new each day.
Fucking Home Page

Funny or Die is an awesome website. Having them Pair up with Mike Judge (creator of Beavis and Butthead) makes it even more awesome. Terry Crews reprises his role as U.S. President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho, to deliver his message on what are the real issues in this election season.
President Comacho election campaign

If you have ever played video games, you have heard of The Legend of Zelda.  In fact, as long as you haven’t been living under a rock your entire life, you have heard of this game.  Well this online web series takes place in that video game, but following Neil, not Link.  “Trust me, you will laugh your ass off within the first 1 minute.” ~Old Man
The Legend of Neil

One of the most absurd sounding, yet funny webcomics today, Dr. McNinja follws the great Irish Ninja who is also a doctor.  If the title doesn’t make you laugh, the first story arc will get you sucked in.
The Adventures of Dr. McNinja


Everyone needs to check out this site to play the Super Mario Bros. Crossover game.  It is the original game, but you are able to choose between multiple characters from old NES games.   It is great, but you definitely need to play with a controller, and not a keyboard.  It just isn’t the same if you cant move your joystick up pretending it will help you when you want to jump.
Super Mario Bros. Crossover


This page is a great site to see what is coming out for comic books during the week.  I use this to not only see what i need, but to also find some not so mainstream titles to check out.


This page is definitely not safe for work.  But you can’t go wrong with a picture blog of women dressing up in comic book outfits, under wear, or even just body paint.
Superhero Girls


A great place to find 8-bit humor.  The site contains video, pictures, comics, and all things gaming related.  Definitely a go to site for any person who likes video-games.


The Gutters is a website that uses satire to poke fun of the comic book industry.  Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the site is updated with a new comic.  Each comic is drawn by a different artist and is followed up by commentary of the Gutters crew.  It is a great place to get some news and laugh with the crowd.


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