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Episode031: The Most Amazing Avenging Ultimate Spectacular Superior Podcast Ever


It’s the end of the year, and after the Holidays, our wallets are empty.  Thank Galactus that the comic book industry decided to not put out too many (or any) new books this week.  However, we still sifted through the … Continue reading

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Too Many #2’s Means One Crazy Last Call

In a week littered with #2’s, we thought we’d take a minute and focus on the books that WERE NOT second issues!   And as you probably heard, we had a ton of other books that we loved this week. … Continue reading

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Episode030: Lost in 2 Many Books


Another week of picking up books has definitely made our lighter, but we are still getting them to let you know what is out there in the world of Comic Books This week we discus Uncanny x-force #35, Cable and … Continue reading

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Episode029: Right or Wrong, We Still Kick Ass


This weeks episode is brought to you by Kevin, Tony and Derek. The 3 get together to share their thoughts on some great books they picked up. We start with off the shelf where Tony talks about Cable and X-force … Continue reading

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Now I can chug my beer even faster!

China has overtaken the US at the worlds’s largest beer drinking market.  To capture that business  Budweiser has launched an innovative morphing can that, courtesy of a specialized aperture end, changes form a conventional can to a open-ended drinking cup for toasting.  The “Gan bei” drinking … Continue reading

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