Drunk On Comics Podcast 084: Dont Taze Me Bro


Drunk On Comics Podcast 084:  Dont Taze Me Bro

We at D.O.C. are so excited to get to the Drunky Awards this week, but we still had time to record our normal weekly podcast for your listening pleasure.  Matt started with Cable and X-Force #18.  Derek decided to then jump in and speak about the new series Black Widow #1.  Tony got to explore the renewal of characters from Marvel UK with the new mini-series: Revolutionary War.  The first Book, Alpha, gave the beginning of the overall story, but each book in the series will focus on an individual character along with what is going on with this war.

Indie Turnpike was Manifest Destiny #3.  In this issue, we now know why all the bison have been hunted to extinction.

Booze and a book was pick your first “go to” drink, and read Afterlife with Archie (they just came out with #3, but you should really pick up all of them)  So good.

We hope you come back later in the week when we present our First Annual Drunky Awards.  It is definitely going to be a drunkenly good time.

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