Drunk on Comics Podcast 132: The Meat and The Gravy


Tony and Derek bring some holiday fun from their favorite bar of choice in this weeks podcast. Since the comic book industry thinks they can take the holidays off and not put out any news, the guys had less to talk about there, but more time for some reviews. Tony starts with a review of Loki: Agent of Axis #9. It’s always fun guessing who has picked up Thor’s hammer, and in this issue, we find out if Loki is worthy. Then we spin into Axis #9 which is the final book of the “event.” It seemed not so much a huge event (although that’s what marvel was calling it) and it was more a grat story arc of multiple characters. It is definitely a great read, especially any of the books that tie into the main series that has to do with the villians becoming “good guys.”

Derek talked about Butterfly #4, which wraps up this series. It was a book that had so much going in it, Derek has read them several times to get all the hidden items he missed the first way through. He also has a suggestion that in the TPB, it be published in chronological order as well as publishing order. He then talked about some different superheroes in They’re not Like Us #1. It was a good book, but a quick read.

Indie Turnpike was an interesting pick with McBain #1, from Bongo Comics. It is a pun filled story of the Simpson’s character McBain, but with a special print of the comic that can be unfolded into a giant poster.

Booze and a book was My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Omnibus 1 paired with Thirst Mutilator from Short’s. If you need to know why, check out the pick below.


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