Drunk on Comics Podcast 136: Tony Makes Words Good


Drunk on Comics Podcast 136: Tony Makes Words Good

Derek and Tony once again have another exciting podcast this week, and Tony has a lot of books he tries to sneak in, but due to the English language, he may or may not know how to properly speak. Derek kicked it off with the new series from Valiant called Ivar, Time Walker. Tony talked about the new upgrade of Venom when they head to the symbiote planet in Guardians of the Galaxy #23.

Because Tony wanted to be a review hog, he brought back the events section of Seasonal Brews to fill us in on a revelation of superior Spider-man in The Amazing Spider-man #13

Indie Turnpike was the new release from BOOM! Studios, Burning Fields.

Booze and a Book had the pairing of Budweiser the “King of Beers” or more specifically, Budweiser Black Crown paired with Avengers #40, where he doesn’t totally spoil the book, but with Black Panther and his Sword of the King, lets just say one King has fallen from the throne.

And don’t forget to send in your answer to this week’s trivia question to us at DrunkOnComics@gmail.com!

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