Drunk on Comics Podcast 293: The First Word Is Welcome


Drunk on Comics Podcast 293: The First Word Is Welcome

Linz and Tony were back in the studio this week to talk about new comics and all things nerdy and boozy. Tony used the first 10 minutes of the podcast to basically brag about getting to drink some CBS from Founder’s this weekend.  After getting it out of his system, the dynamic duo got in to some comic reviews.

Linz did a quick preview of Faith’s Winter Wonderland Special #1, which was less winter and more Wonderland.  Definitely a fun story, so make sure you pick it up when it comes out on December 6th.

Tony reviewed Darkhawk #51, and character introduced by Marvel in the ’90’s.  Darkhawk’s series only made it until 1995 and lasted 50 issues, but has been seen as a supporting character in many Marvel stories after.  Tony loved Darkhawk in the ’90’s and liked this new introduction to the character, but was a little worried that if a reader did not have previous knowledge of the character, this story would be a little hard to follow, so Tony hopes that this will end up being more than just a one-shot.

Linz and Tony both read and reviewed Jim Henson’s Labyrinth 2017 Special from BOOM! Studios.  This was a collection of shorts that took place in the Goblin Kingdom during the time of film, but followed secondary characters.  Tony and Linz both agreed that there were highs and lows in the book, but overall it was a fun read and really gave to the feeling of the classic movie we all loved as kids.

In news this week they covered some Star Wars news, did a review of the new Runaways series on Hulu, talked about the future of Sabrina the Teenage Witch on the small screen, and, as always, some cool-ass stuff about Batman.

Booze and a Book this week was Founder’s CBS paired with Old Man Logan #31.

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