Drunk on Comics Podcast 181: The Devil You Know


Drunk on Comics Podcast 181: The Devil You Know

Linz, Tony and Matt were on a sugar buzz in the studio this week with some fresh holiday cookies. But they also got their buzz on with an awesome review of Lucifer, as well as some other nerdiness happenings. And while everyone has seen Star Wars, they decided to record a separate podcast with their thoughts on the movie so as to have a spoiler free normal episode of the podcast.

Lucifer #1 was better than the high expectations Tony and Matt had for this book. Having read the previous iteration of Lucifer from Mike Carey, as well as the looming television series coming to Fox, the guys were wondering if this would tie into the previous comic. And how would it, since the first series wrapped up quit nicely.

Linz reviewed the book as an outsider and enjoyed it, as well as had some questions. The boys were able to explain what has happened before, along with some of their same questions that were brought up in the new series. The book is a great starting point for new readers, as well as a great continuation for the story of Lucifer.

There was also some talk about the new Independence Day movie, some thoughts on Doomsday and everything about Batman Vs Superman, and what Hasbro is trying to create. Tony also thinks Wade Wilson is real, with Deadpool’s 12 days of Christmas popping up all over the internet. And throughout the episode, Matt lays some history knowledge on Linz and Tony.

Booze and a book was Jem and the Holograms Holiday Special paired with a Shiner Holiday Cheer.

Merry Christmas to all and you will hear from us next year.

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