Drunk on Comics podcast: Interviews from Detroit Fanfare


Drunk On Comics Podcast Interview Special

In this special edition of our podcasts, Derek went on special assignment to Detroit Fanfare Comic Con to get some interviews with a few of his favorite creators.
In this episode, you’ll hear his interviews with the following amazing people:
The sober interviews:
Franchesco, an artist known for his beautiful covers and pin up work
Ryan Browne, writer and artist on God Hates Astronauts, and artist on Bedlam and Manhattan Projects
Mike Costa, writer of a multitude of books including GI Joe: Cobra Files and God is Dead
Eric Esquivel, writer on such books as Freelancers and Bravest Warriors
The not so sober interviews:
Jay Jacot and Kelly O’Hara, local Detroit area artists extraordinaire who are also great friends of our show!
Brian Joines, writer of IMAGINE Agents

Jeff Stokely, artist on Six Gun Gorilla and The Reason For Dragons

Cameron Chittock, assistant editor for Archaia and Boom Studios
Ben McCool, writer of too many things to list, but he’s worked for Marvel, DC, IDW, Image, Archaia, Image and more!
So sit back and enjoy this podcast chock full of incredible comic creators, and witness Derek’s journey from sober to drunk as he fumbles through his discussions with people far more talented then himself!
And while Derek didn’t get to do a full interview with Brian O’Halloran, we were lucky enough to get him to do our intro!
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