Episode026: Does everyone need to be first post?


We start off being somewhat in a food coma after a holiday weekend to talk about Iron Man #2 and Minimum Carnage Omega #1 (which is really part six of the six part series) Indestructible Hulk #1 is a great direction fo the Hulk series.   Spiderman #698 had a huge reveal, which we also got into of why people feel the need to break the news of what happens in comic books before people can even read them.

Indy Turnpike had a new series from Darkhorse called Number 13 issue #0 and also Judge Dredd #1.

Booze and a book paired Captain America #1 with the beer that keeps riding the wave of winning that one blue ribbon award, PBR as well as a rocketpop shot (ask your bartender for one)

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2 Responses to Episode026: Does everyone need to be first post?

  1. Ok, now after having listened to this I have to go out and buy Spidey 698. Quit making me buy more comics! xP

  2. Actually I might have to pick up Minimum Carnage Omega now too…

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