Episode047: Wookie Wookie Galore


drunk-logoThis weeks episode had your 2 favorite hosts with the most, Derek and Tony, along with intern Jim and friend of the show Chris.  We reviewed some of the longest names of a books this week with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro Series: Villains Krang, B.P.R.D: Hell on Earth #106 Cold Day in Hell part 2 of 2, DC Universe Presents #19, and Daredevil #25.

Indie Turnpike this week was Idolized #5 and Best on Tap was the cover of Dr Who #8 by Mark Buckingham

Tony and Derek had some good luck to be at Founders brewing company during the black party, which celebrates all kinds of black beer.  They had the priveleage of trying a beer that is not available anywhere but this special event.  The beer is a devil’s cut 2 year bourban aged Kentucky Breakfast Stout paired with Hellraiser: The Dark Watch #3 for this weeks Booze and a Book.

It’s no surprise that Derek talked about Daredevil.  We also had a brief visit from Bill Cosby again (a very bad impersonation by Tony), Chris sided with Derek for almost anything (Jim and Tony thinks Derek is paying him off) and Jim once again was mostly silent.  He also has some sort of comic or something that he keeps going on about that you might want to check out here:  The Art of Guilt

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