Episode058: Let’s Re-do This One, Sponsored by Jim’s Mom


We were really off today, and it shows by the many re-takes it took to get this podcast up.  But we hope you enjoy, because we thought it was grape (it’s a pun, get it).  Shit, lets redo this intro…..

Off the shelf, Jim took on Young Avengers #7.  Tony talked about Astro City #2, thinking it was the in the title as if it was the Second Astro City, but really Tony can’t read.  Derek took over for Matt by discussing an Avengers title, even though its not really an Avengers title, but then again, it does had Avengers in the title, and shit, lets redo this sentence.  Derek talked about Avengers Arena #12.

Indie Turnpike was East of West #4

Booze and a book was the perfect pairing of Pacific Rim Tales from Year Zero and Jagermeister.

Best on Tap was Quantam and Woody #1 by Tom Fowler

Quantam and Woody

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