Hockey promotions getting a little nerdy. That’s ok.

If you are sad that the National Hockey League (NHL) is locked out for now and probably the rest of the 2012 season, don’t worry.  There is still plenty of hockey being played around in the States.  Now shut you damn dick hole, yeah, its not professional hockey, but it hockey.  And hockey, in any form, is alright.

Some minor league teams do some pretty cool stuff (and questionable) to get people to their games.  Now, the Star Wars theme night is pretty fucking customary no matter what team in sports in the States.  I’ve seen these theme nights in the pros and minors across all sports like baseball, hockey, and basketball.  The NFL, American Football, would probably have a Star Wars night too if it would have beaten out Disney for LucasFilms….

Well, now getting back on track.  The Toledo Walleye, which is basically a sub-minor league hockey team (EHCL) in the Midwest, is having Captain America inspired hockey jerseys for their game.  Then after the game you can purchase them in a live auction that benefits the Wounded Warrior Project and Toledo’s Heroes in Action.  What a win-win for everyone.

Think that they are cool?  US to!  Please go there and buy us one.  We’re good for it.

Toledo Walleye Home & Promo Info

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