Episode016: Killing heroes and Tony’s phone


Another great week and a multitude of comics to explore.   Kevin reviewed a book from earlier in the year to get caught up on some of the newer books out there.  The Marvel point 1 book had a few stories to be a stepping point for new readers. Since Kevin is now getting into the new and not just the older books, it was a good pick for him and for any reader.

Tony and Derek had some double team action on the AvX books.  We talked about AvX #11, New Avengers #30, Wolverine & X-men #15 & 16 and Uncanny X-men #18.   All these books have great tie ins to each other plus the huge reveal at the end of AvX#11 will have repercussions for the X-men in the years to come.  (spoiler alert: probably not because Marvel never lets people stay Ben Parker)

Fanboy’s Vs Zombies #6 was again another great book in the series. We have become big fanboys of this title, and we hope the writers will become a fans of our show. Booze and a Book was He-man and Masters of the Universe #2 paired with Stevens Point Brewery’s Belgian White.  Both the book and the beer are smooth and simple.

We discussed some new titles coming out from Marvel, as well as some news of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie in production.  We also talked about 2 shows we are looking forward to this fall seasons, Arrow and The Walking Dead.  Tony also shared an awesome site that has the oldschool Mario game with a twist.  It can be played with many old NES characters, making it a totally different experience.  Head to our interwebs section of our webpage to check out the link.



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