The Multiversity #1 Review

multiversity 1
The Multiversity #1 Review

“House of Heroes”

Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Ivan Reis
Inks: Joe Prado
Colors: Nei Ruffino
Letters: Todd Klein
Covers: Reis, Prado, & Ruffino, Chris Burnham & Nathan Fairbairn (variant), Bryan Hitch & Alex Sinclair (variant) & Grant Morrison (variant)

Review by Scott Keys

Ever since The Multiversity was announced many years ago (back in 2009), I knew that my mind would be blown, and even after 5 years of waiting, I was NOT disappointed!

As always, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, and Nei Ruffino do an outstanding job of bringing these stories to life, but I must say that they must’ve brought a little more for Morrison! The art team had the unenviable task of bringing together several different “Earths” worth of characters in the pages of one, cohesive comic, and they did an amazing job! It’s not often that Captain Carrot looks like he belongs in the same room as Superman, but he definitely held his own, and in my opinion, stole the show! From the realistic, regular world opening, to the destruction of Earth-7, the return to Earth-23, and the cartoony physics of Captain Carrot, the art team stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park!

Now, to Morrison. What is there to say about the man, besides the fact that he’s an absolute genius! I know that part of my love for this book is equal parts DC fandom and world-building genius from Morrison, but there is no denying that genius. Seriously, did you take a look at that Multiverse map that he created? Who thinks like that? It is simultaneously the most brilliant thing in comics, and the scariest! I loved the fact that Earth-23 Superman from his amazing Action Comics run is starring in this book, but like I’ve said before, Captain Carrot takes the (carrot) cake! Sorry for my punny humor. The best part of this entire book is the fact that now, truly, in the DC Universe, anything is possible!

I was overjoyed upon reading this issue, that it required a re-reading before I wrote this review. I’ll probably need to read it a few more times to get all of the nuances that Morrison plants in all of his books, and I’m okay with that! I loved it so much that I bought the digital copy to read immediately, then I bought the issue at my LCS because it is the beginning of something amazing! If you aren’t a DC scholar like some of us, don’t be frightened by the complexity, instead revel in it and just enjoy the trippy ride Morrison is going to take you on!

Story: 5 / 5
Art: 5 / 5
Overall: 5 / 5

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