Superman & Batman Generations: An Imaginary Tale

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On podcast number 41, I attempted to give a review of a book that I pulled out from my Longbox segment.  I know my reviews are never award winning, heck they are barley average.  However, this particular review I was not overall too pleased, so I decided (more like attempt) to write about this wonderful and fun book.

Superman & Batman Generations: An Imagine Tale is a large trade paperback (TPB) from the Elseworlds series by DC.   John Byrne does almost everything in this one, writing, art, and lettering.  I’m not sure how much time he had on this book, but it must have taken him a long time. At 192 pages, this is probably one of the better values that I remember getting in a TPB at a cover price of 17.95

Now, most with half a brain could imagine what you are getting with a title like Superman & Batman Generations.    Especially when you look at the cover.  The cover clearly shows a very young to very old Superman back to back with Batman in his various costumes over the years.  So, you get exactly that, a story showing Superman and Batman growing old with each other.

Where the Elseworlds takes us is that they start to cross paths in 1929.  From ’29 Byrne peaks into their lives every 10 years.  Within’ each decade these two run into capers with several of their ache-nemesis, such as Luthor and the Joker.  Also, within the pages are story’s featuring Bat Mite and Mr. Mxyzptlk.  I thoroughly enjoyed the title characters growing old with their families.  It shouldn’t come to a surprise to who Mr. Kent hooks up with.   Mrs. Wayne….. ????

Byrne does a great job of placing what I think about Superman and Batman into those panels, during each decade.  For instance in 1939, Batman tells Robin something then concludes several of his statements with “Old Chum”.  In 1929, instead of the Superman that I’m used to reading current issues with him in it, he is bouncing around like he used to in Action Comics Number One.  Smoking, well those two aren’t smoking, but everyone else is, and that’s what I think of in the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s.

I mention in this crappy review that it is a fun book.  At the end yes, overall it is fun.  Clever writing, interesting stories of these two characters that I grew up with and have read on and off of the decades.  However, there are several stories within all these pages that really tugged at my emotions.   Surprisingly it wasn’t because The Batman died.   I say that knowing that I am not spoiling anything for those who will run into this book at some point.

If you regularly listen to our Podcast, you will know that I have a massive chub for DC and Marvel’s alternate worlds.  I think that every time I read one of these books, they cram so much information in them I end up taking more away from these worlds than I do reading a huge stack of books.  Such as DC’s Showcase and Marvel’s Essentials.  I have no shame in this.  I grew up reading a shit load of these books.  However, with this steaming pile of words that smell like road kill; I am done reviewing DC’s Elseworlds.  I’ll try to get y’all interesting in many of the other fine works that I have enjoyed.  In the end pick one up – these alternate world stores stories never disappoint.  Superman & Batman Generations: An Imaginary Tale is no exception.




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