Top Comic Books for the Week of July 24, 2014

Top Comic Books for the Week of July 24, 2014

The best of my pull list by Scott Bachmann

I’ve put to the top the comics that made my week. That doesn’t mean the others were bad, just that these stood out. Note: I get my comics from mail order by a week delay, and by ComiXology, so some titles may be older, especially indy books.

Fables 142
Fables #142: Story Bill Willingham, Art Mark Buckingham, Ink Steve Leialoha & Andrew Pepoy, Colors Lee Loughbridge, Letters Todd Klein, Cover Nimit Malavia

Fables has rarely had an off episode or arc in 142 issues. It’s almost over, and no one is coasting or resting on laurels. If you read Fables, you’ll buy this and be pleased. If you don’t, pick up some trades and read one of the best comics ever made.




daredevil 6
Daredevil #6: Storytellers Mark Waid & Javier Rodriguez, Inker Alvaro Lopez, Colors Javier Rodriguez, Letters Joe Caramagna

Javier really steps up his art this issue. He’s using colors to draw with light, and his rain efx are stunning. Camera angles and panels are vibrant and interesting. Faces are detailed and expressive and no skimping on the backgrounds. Just great work.

Oh yeah. The stories great too! A good jumping on point for new readers as well as the best tie in so far to the Original Sin event. For a character that’s been around forever, Waid is continually finding new dirt to unearth, and its a joy to witness.


super ego 1
Super Ego #1: All except colors by Caio Oliveira, Colors Lucas Marangon, Cover Glenn Fabry, Letters Langston Treehorn

I saw the latest release for Super Ego (#4), it sounded good, so I went back and picked up issue 1. It’s clearly an indy book, so it’s not going to stand toe to toe with most of the big two, or Image, but that said, there are a lot of good ideas here, and the art is pretty good.

There’s a sub genre now of superhero shrinks, and Super Ego is another but it’s not played for laughs. It also has my favorite mask of all time. It’s a full head mask that’s perfectly reflective. When you look at Dr. Ego, you see yourself. It’s a cute idea, and makes for some great visuals. Several of his patients are stand ins for stock Marvel/DC heroes, but his most interesting is his own invention, Lester, the most powerful kid in the world, and as messed up as MiracleMan. At a $1.99 on ComiXology it’s a good deal.

The only downer is a bit to much narration, and too many backgrounds for patients. The comic works better when its the good Doctor in the moment. I’ll check out #2 and see if it keeps up it’s decent start.

supernaturals experiment
The Supernals Experiment #1: Story David F. Walker, Art and cover by Ramon F. Bachs, Inks Raul Fernandez, Colors Santiago Arcas, Lettered by Nate Piekos

Another indy title with good art and great pacing. The story’s not too original, kids are experimented on and become super powered only to be hunted down. Freak Angels is the best of the trope, but that’s not saying this comic isn’t good. Characters are decently established and believable, though several are killed off jarringly quickly. Action is constant and isn’t punching for punching sake. It’s another I’ll give a second chance. At a $.99 on ComiXology it’s a great deal and makes you look skanky eyed at some of the $3.99 titles out there.

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