Drunk on Comics Podcast 280: The FCC Won’t Let Us Be


Josh doing the write up here! So this’ll be short.

Josh (the hero of our story), Linz, and Connor in the booth this week. Linz reviewed Generations: Phoenix & Jean Grey, which she thought was (spoilers) good. We also reviewed Dark Nights Metal #2, which we also thought was (spoilers) good.

In news, we talked about the passing and legacy of the great Len Wein. The newly released image of Hellboy from the upcoming film played by actor David Harbour. And the return of JJ Abrams to the galaxy far, far away (that’s Star Wars for you Trekkies). Also, Connor gave a kinda-review of IT (I tuned out after the first “Uhhhh” but I think he liked IT).

Linz then paired Runaways #1 with a cocktail called Black Magik.

And look at that. The whole thing just laid out for you in 4 short paragraphs. Makes you wonder why you’re going to listen to an hour long podcast for all this, doesn’t it? I know the answer. Dad jokes. You love my dad jokes. And they love you.

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