Drunk on Comics Episode 205: Knowledge is Power


This week, Derek and Linz met at Studio B (Derek’s Office) to do some old fashioned comic reviewing. Derek picked up Wonder Woman Rebirth #1, written by Greg Rucka. This comic was very interesting as it really plays into the meta nature of the whole DC Rebirth. Wonder Woman doesn’t even know her origin after her mind has been manipulated by an outside force.

Linz got all mathy and picked up Strange Attractors #1 from BOOM! Studios. Charles Soule has written a crazy comic about chaos theory, so Derek and Linz decided to figure out how they could apply chaos theory to their boring day jobs. Clearly, nothing productive happened during this podcast.

Multiple news topics were discussed, and of course more Chewbacca Mom outrage/jealousy came up. The new Injustice videogame looks great, and the hope is it spawns another great comic book series like the first did.

Booze and a Book was Aquaman Rebirth #1 with one of those giant girly fishbowl drinks you see at lots of seafood restaurants. There is no real recipe, just chuck a bunch of clear booze in with some Blue Curacao and some swedish fish for color.

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