Drunk on Comics Podcast 150: Earwigs, Pops and Bider Spites


Drunk on Comics Podcast 150: Earwigs, Pops and Bider Spites

Matt joins Derek and Tony again in this week’s episode of the podcast. And while we joke around with sound effects, we also learn the inability for Tony to do so (much like his speaking ability). But on to some reviews.

Derek once again can’t get enough of the newest arachnid superhero with a review of Silk #3.

Time has finally run out in New Avengers #33. Matt explained some of the workings of the Marvel Universe dying leading up to Secret Wars, and of course Doom is a part of it.

Tony discussed a few stories in the Vertigo Quarterly: SFX Pop. Out of all the stories, there is one that is too squeamish even for the guys. Just thinking about earwigs now…..

Indie Turnpike was Resident Alien: The Sam Hain Mystery

Booze and a Book was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #45 & a Donatello (which is a mixed drink/ with 1.5oz vodka, 1/5oz triple sec, 1/3oz lime juice, and 1/2oz midori shaken and then layered with some grape pucker)

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