Drunk on Comics Podcast Special Edition: Drunk Interviews from C2E2 2015


Drunk on Comics Podcast Special Edition Drunk Interviews from C2E2 2015

Derek and Tony finish up the interviews from C2E2 2015 with their favorites from the convention: The Drunken Interviews.

The guys had a chance to really get to know the people on this last special edition from the con with drinks and good times.

They had the pleasure of interviewing Shawn Forney, Kosmic Kasey and Ryan Lee. They also had a blast over the weekend hanging out with the guys from Ink Whiskey. If you listen closely, you might even hear the special code that can give you a discount at any convention throughout 2015 on the awesome retro NES flasks that they will have.

So sit down, have a beer or three, and enjoy this special edition of the show.


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