Episode018: When cloning, 23 is the lucky number


Hey fans, this episode of Drunk on Comics has some more fun discussions from your favorite review crew.  It doesn’t always happen, but once again all 4 of us were able to make it this week.  We started out with a continuation of the question that Tony interupted everyone with, which was if you could combine 2 powers, what would they be and why.

Kevin kicked Off  the Shelf with some lightning reviews of Red Lanterns #0, and Bart Simpson #65, as well as a combining of 2 franchises that works out quite well,  Star Trek TNG and Doctor Who Assimilation #5.   Then Matt talked about the conclusion of the Wolverine story arc of Sabretooth Reborn in Wolverine #313.  Derek went over a different type of X-men in Astonishing X-men #54.  Lastly, Tony did a 2 part story arc from the pages of Fantastic 4 # 610, and FF #22.

Kevin pulled from his longbox Green Lantern Vs Aliens TPB, and the crew couldn’t fathom why superheroes won’t kill things, such as the Aliens.

We also got in a discussion of Amazon getting into publishing some comic books online, and about enrolling in a free online class revolving around the comic book industry.  News has been revolving around Stan Lee’s health, and we wonder what his secret power/formula is that has kept him vibrant all these years.

Indie Turnpike had Idolized #2 as the pick this week.  And Space Punisher #3 finally came out, and Derek paired it with a beer from Shorts Brewery  in Booze and a Book.

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