Episode021: No News is Good News, but Non-News is the Best


This weeks episode is a cluster of stuff from our ramblings, with some  actual news, to some maybe its new.  (we aren’t quit sure)  But we know one thing for sure, we are ready for our Live podcast at DetroitFan Fare next week.  And before we become famous, or more than likely just infamous, we have a few last reviews to share.   We went over in this episode Justice League #13, New Avengers #31Uncanny X-men #20.  Also, the Marvel Point One book had a few stories that Tony and Matt tried to convince Derek to read.

Kevin found in his longbox some Milk and Cheese #1 (the sixth printing). Indy Turnpike had Derek cruising towards the free issue of Cyber Force #1. Booze and a book was Impact #1 paired with Giant Slayer.

Don’t forget to bring your pointed sticks to poke Derek, and your marshmallows and bags full of booze to throw at Tony, Kevin and Matt at Detroit Fanfare next weekend.



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