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It’s Drunk On Comics’ first visit to Toronto and to one of the largest comic book shows in North America! We brought our recording equipment, empty livers and bladders, and way too much money. We left with some good interviews and the sense that we never take enough time off after the show to recover. Please enjoy Here is the lineup of who we have on our interview block:

Adam Warren: Dirty Pair, Empowered, Various other titles

Jim Zub: Wayward, Pathfinder, Various other titles

Anthony Ruttgaizer: First Hero, Various other titles

Lee Modor : Legion of Super Heroes, Shinku, Wonder Woman, other titles

Jamal Igle : Supergirl, Green Lanturn, Iron Man, Molly Danger, other titles

Ink Whiskey: The BEST flasks on the PLANET!

An Elegant Weapon: While we didn’t talk to our buddy Jay aka The Jedi Ras in this episode, our trip would not have been the same without him. So please take a gander at his site and check out his podcast as well, many of which feature cameos from some of your favorite drinking buddies from Drunk On Comics!

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