Mr. Sinister (Kansas State) vs Captain America (LaSalle)

Sinister came to this fight prepared. He had studied Steve Rogers physiology and thought he was ready for the super soldier. He had hundreds of clones of himself waiting for Captain America in the arena where the Deathmatch was to take place.

When Cap came through the doors, he saw he was outnumbered. There were Sinister clones in virtually every seat in the place. However, before Mr Sinister could start his overly dramatic speech declaring his dominance, Cap saw the flaw in his foe’s palm.

With a flick of the wrist, he hurled his shield at the clone at the topmost part of the arena, creating a domino effect that collapsed one Sinister on top of the other, and ultimately crushed the original Mr Sinister at the bottom of the pile.

Winner: Captain America.

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