Second Round Recap (South Brackets)

MODOKIt is good to know all is normal in the universe.   The sun rises, I have to take a massive dump in the first 30 minutes of waking up, my cat sits on my comics the first moment I leave them on the table, and shocking upsets in the tournament.

Kingpin (#15 Florida Gulf Coast) OVER Aquaman (#2 Georgetown)

All of these match-ups are supposed to be one on one match-ups.  That is what this appeared to be to most people, but to have an upset of this magnitude there has to be a little help from the outside.  Though no one can prove it (yet!) someone from the outside had to have help Kingpin become victorious.  Aquaman had the advantage on paper top to bottom.  Better wasteline, better moves, strength, so on and so on.  Fuck, in the writers opinion he is the true king of the sea!  Yet,  here we are Kingpin pulls the shocking upset over Aquaman.


Cheetah (#11 Minnesota) OVER Daredevil  (#6 UCLA)

Cheetah proved to everyone that she is the fastest human-cat hybrid  – EVAR!  It was an entertaining match up as they both showed their great athletic ability.  However, at the end of the day Cheetah was just too fast for Daredevil.


Bullseye (#8 North Carolina State) OVER Harley Quinn (#9 Villinova)

Everyone had their mines blown over this seeding.  How in Earth did Harley get a number nine seed?   Did she bribe someone in the tournament commission?  Seduction?  Other mischief?  There was even doubt that she would even make the tournament, but yet she received a nine.  It’s almost a slap in the face to Bullseye.   However, he seemed to take it all in stride.  Just another day in the office for him as he took a deep breath , pulled his trigger and then moved on to the next round.


Ozymandies (#5 Virginia Commonwealth) OVER Superman (#12 Akron)

Gold K.  ‘Nuf said.


Wolverine (#4 Michigan) OVER Shredder (#13 South Dakota State)

In the ultimate matchup of sharps, Wolverine’s adamantium was vastly superior to Shedders metal.  Shredder seemed to owning Wolverine early on, especially when Wolverine just appeared to be sitting there and taking it.  Once Shredder got tired, Wolverine moved in for the finishing blow.


Sinestro (#3 Florida) OVER M.O.D.O.K (#14 Northwestern State)

Evil versus evil is always an entertaining matchup.  But, have you seen MODOK ?  Look at those little arms and legs.  What a goof.  Lanterns easily win every time.


X-23 (#7 San Diego State) OVER Namor (#10 Oklahoma)

Not a very good day for creatures from the sea.  They want to prove that they belong in the tournament, but at the end of the day they just give us reasons why they don’t belong.  The majority of the Earth is water, yet somehow they always think it’s a good idea to go on the road and have the battle on land.  What was even more humiliating for Namor was how he lost.  X-23 just cut off his little foot wings and then he slowly bled out.


Superior Spiderman (#1 Kansas) OVER  Clown (#16 Western Kentucky)

Look at the post about this.  An Epic battle that Derek really enjoyed


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