Top Comic Books for the Week of June 18th, 2014

Top Comic Books for the Week of June 18th, 2014

Reviews by Scott Bachmann

I’ve put to the top the comics that made my week. That doesn’t mean the others were bad, just that these stood out. Note: I get my comics from mail order by a week delay, and by ComiXology, so some titles may be older.

original sin 4

Original Sin #4: The crazy mix-up of characters Jason Aaron put together is finally paying off. Frank Castle and Dr. Strange make a pretty good buddy movie. The interplay as the various plots converge bringing in the standard misunderstanding conflicts actually makes for some hilarious dialog. Mike Deodato really stretches himself with some great cosmic weirdness and brilliant facial reactions. Lots of good one liners, and I’m liking the insanity of eyeball guy.

nova 18

Nova #18: Sam Alexander has been set up to be friend of the Watcher, So Gerry Duggan had a story goldmine to have Sam discover him dead, and he stepped up and delivered. What I liked even more is the early scenes of his family accepting his role as the Nova. Much better than 800 issues of hiding an identity to an Aunt. David Baldeon’s pencils are always gorgeous, and the pantheon of names that stepped up to color and ink his work did a brilliant job. The colors explode of the page.

mighty avengers 11

Mighty Avengers #11: The first part is all retconning, but done well. Al Ewing gives us the background on Luke Cage’s father and his secret crime fighting days. This leads to a blaxploitation extravaganza of kung-fu and afros and the worst costume Blade has ever worn while still looking like bad mutha. The reveals tie back around to current continuity and further flesh out the Blue Marvels past. Al’s love for these characters is abundant and the fleshing out of some of the characters that are normally guest stars is very welcome. Greg Land is clearly having a blast on this title and he has mastered the LOOK when characters do all the their talking with a stare.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude: It’s great to have Abnett and Lanning back on a Guardians book, even if it’s only a movie tie in. This is a Rocket and Groot adventure done in one and done well. If you’re a fan of the Guardians run, or want to know who these characters are, pick up this book. You will thank yourself.

daredevil 4

Daredevil 4: This one hit all the right notes for me. Mark Waid’s mastery of the unique viewpoint of Daredevil’s senses, the flippant Matt Murdock, and the delightful Kirsten as his newest companion. The bad guys level up, the Shroud sinks to the bottom and Matt calls the day a win when we know it’s anything but. This is a pure Xanatos gambit done well. Chris Samnee is always amazing and never fails to amaze. This is always a great book. And NO. For those of you that listen to the podcast, Derek did not pay me to say that.

Scott is a contributing writer for Drunk On Comics. You can follow him on Twitter at @ScottABachmann.

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