ToyFair is the magazine that we should have read more


The other day I picked up a free issue of ToyFare.  My local shop had a small collection of them and decided to hand them out.  This particular issue was from October 2006.  I only picked up one or two issues of Toy Fair years and years ago.  I thought it was pretty good and my friends always raved about it.  I may have been in a different place in my mind at the time.  I was dumb back then.

For those who are not familiar, ToyFare was a monthly magazine brought to you by the same people that brought  you Wizard Magazine.  ToyFare brought the latest and greatest news in the world of collectibles and/or action figures.  It had a good run from the late nineties until it fizzled in 2011.  What made ToyFare really special were all the hilarious features that they did.  Now, I only took a couple of pages from this issue to show, because I don’t  know how much of a grey area I am entering, but the book always had (at least the issues I read) several of these gem in them.  Fucking hilarious.

If you ever find some back issues of ToyFare, they are worthy of a pickup – at a reasonable cost of course.  You wouldn’t pay more than 50 cents for a National Geographic …… would you??!?




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