The White Suits #1 of 4 Review

The White Suits #1 of 4 Review

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Writer: Frank Barbiere
Art & Colors: Toby Cypress
Letters: Frank Barbiere
Cover: Toby Cypress

Review by Scott Keys

Over the past year or so, I’ve really broadened my horizons, as far as comics go anyway. One of those new horizons was Five Ghosts. This led me to become a fan of Frank Barbiere, and when I heard so many people on Twitter singing the praises of The White Suits, I just had to dive in! And, let me tell you, I’m so glad I did!

I knew absolutely nothing going in to issue one, but I don’t think you need any background, as Barbiere hits the ground running! Along with Cypress’ stunning visuals, Barbiere lays out the puzzle pieces to let the reader put them together. Who is this man? What is this woman doing? Where did they come from? WHAT ARE THEY DOING!?! WHY DID HE DO THAT?!? That’s some of what was going through my mind as I read this fantastic book. Sprinkle that intrigue with copious amounts of violence (with amazing style, I might add), and I say you’ve got yourself a certified winner! The story itself is amazing, following Sarah, as she looks for answers on her father’s disappearance, as well as the ultra-violence of “The White Suits.” But that story is expertly illustrated by Cypress, utilizing varying styles, colors, and layouts to give us a beautifully violent comic to behold!

The White Suits #1 was an amazingly entertaining book that I couldn’t put down! Once I got to the final page, I wanted issue 2 in my hands immediately! If you only get to pick up one book this week, make it The White Suits #1 and just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Art: 5 / 5
Story: 5 / 5
Overall: 5 / 5

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