The X-Files / Ghostbusters: Conspiracy #1 Review

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The X-Files / Ghostbusters: Conspiracy #1 Review

Publisher: IDW
Writer: Erik Burnham
Artist: Salvador Navarro
Colorist: Esther Sanz
Letterer: Shawn Lee

Review by: Josh Gillam

What could possibly be more awesome than the X-Files or Ghostbusters? An X-Files and Ghostbusters crossover! I’m normally not that interested in crossovers, but this was a fun read that brought together two great sci-fi worlds.

This book doesn’t feature the usual Mulder and Scully but instead focuses on the lovable trio, the Lone Gunmen. The Conspiracy story arch kicked off when the Lone Gunmen heading out on a road trip to investigate different urban myths. In this issue we see their first stop, where they plan to investigate what they believe to be con artists that claim to hunt and capture ghosts. Upon arriving at the Ghostbusters’ firehouse, the Lone Gunmen accidently set a trapped ghost free. The Lone Gunmen and the Ghostbusters then split up and searched the firehouse for the missing ghost. After capturing the ghost, Egon has an exchange with the Lone Gunmen about a theoretical device that could send information, such as photos and videos, through time. The book ends with the Lone Gunmen heading off to their next adventure.

Erik Burnham wrote some fantastic and amusing dialogue for this book. Both the Lone Gunmen and the Ghostbusters are known for their goofy antics, so I expected there to be some humorous back and forths. My expectations were surpassed and I was pleased with the amount of funny Burnham put into the characters, without crossing over into just plain silly. The dialogue alone makes this book worth picking up.

I loved every panel with the ghost. The design of the ghost in and of itself was intriguing, especially with the second mouth in the middle of it’s body. The angle of the shots with the ghost in it gave off a kind of chaotic feel. No doubt the same feeling you’d get if something like that was flying around in front of you.

I would have never expected that these two totally different universes could be meshed together so well, but the work of Erik Burnham and Salvador Navorro helped pull it off. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have the urge to go watch Ghostbusters.

Story: 5/5
Artwork: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

Josh Gillam is the creator and writer for the webcomic/comedy project, Cynical Stew. You can follow him on Twitter at @Cynical_Stew

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