Batman (UNLV) Vs. Mystique (California)

The person who strikes fear in others. The man who hides in the shadows, Batman has rarely come up against someone who he hasn’t outwitted. In fact, his arsenal of unlimited supply from his utility belt, always comes in to save the day. And so he is an unstoppable force for justice. While investigating a man who robbed local jewelery store he came upon a beautiful woman. She said she say the man went into the alley. Little did batman know that this woman was the same “man” that robbed the store. Because this woman was none other than Mystique.

After Batman used his X-ray goggles to look at the woman (and he took longer than most on this one) he went into the alley. Here, he came to dead end. And right at the last moment, he turned to see the woman pull a gun on him.

He was able to dodge the bullets as he jumped behind a dumpster. When the lady changed into a muscular man, he was sure of who this was. He knew without a doubt this must be Clayface. Screaming out to Clayface that he would not get away with this, gave Mystique pause. She was wondering if this guy who dresses as a bat must be crazy. It was at this moment that she got a batarang to the forearm. She dropped the gun, but elongated her arm into a fine tip point.

He strafed the shadows, trying to get the upper hand, but Mystique is a woman of subterfuge. She knows how to play this game of cat and mouse. She say the punch coming, but was too late to stop it. She went down to the ground. Expecting Clayface to revert back into his normal self, Batman noticed the person turned into a woman. He was confused, which is something Batman never becomes. He was sure this was Clayface, but that line of thinking was his undoing. A normal battle with Clayface would have ended there and now, but Mystique has other tricks up her sleeve.

While Batman came close to her, she looked up with wide eyes, and leaned up to kiss him. The neural toxin she acquired from some lady who loved plants worked its magic. It was with little effort that she unclasped his belt. He wanted this creature. And then darkness.

He awoke sometime later, with a batarang stuck in a wall next to him with a note that said, “I’ve never been with a bat. If I had more time, I would have added it to my list . But I got a flight to catch.” He then noticed his utility belt was nowhere to be found.

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