Dr. Doom (Louisville) vs Green Arrow (Colorado St)

Doom looks on with minor amusement as his arrow wielding foe knocks another shot.

Already the Green Arrow has tried to penetrate Doom’s formidable defenses with 90% of his quiver and nothing has penetrated to cause harm to the Monarch of Latveria.  Green Arrow tried his diamond pointed arrows, his kryptonite arrows, his sleeping gas arrows, his explosive arrows, even his boxing glove arrow (which he only keeps for the most ridiculous of finishing moves… Toasty) but nothing has proven effective.

Arrow’s last ditch effort is a special EMP arrow…. (Wait why didn’t he start with that) which seems to have shut off Doom’s force field, but the missle bounces harmless off the titanium full plate mail armor enhanced by Tibetan magic that Doom is constantly wears.

“Not fair,” grumbles the archer. “This is simply not fair”

“Indeed.  That I should be required to stoop to the level of fighting common militia of the 14th century is well beyond and insult to Doom.  When will a challenge worthy of my intellect present itself.”  Doom enters a code into the computer interface of his armor, located on his gauntlet which reboots the electronics of his armor.  “But an attack on Doom is punished with extreme prejudice.” With one more push of a button Doom activates a devastating electrical impulse of his own, sending a massive assault of bio-disruptive shock waves through the Green Arrow’s body.

As the Green Arrow’s body crumples in a seizure ridden heap, Doom casually inspects the weaponry of the his foe.


And with a simple gesture of his armor enhanced strength Doom snaps the Green Arrow’s bow and walk away, leaving the Green Arrow to drooling uncontrollably on the ground.

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