Drunk on Comics Podcast 253: How Long Is It?


Drunk on Comics Podcast 253: How Long Is It?

Linz and Josh held the fort down while Tony took a little vacation, but now he’s back and he has a few things he needs to talk about while he was away.  He started the show with his thoughts on Iron Fist, and how Marvel finally made a not so stellar product.

In Off the Shelf this week, Linz reviewed X-men Blue #1.   It was great because it has Jean Grey running the show and Linz is stoked for this.  This leads to a new dynamic in the team that many grew up with.  The rest of the original cast of X-men shine in this new series following the time-displaced team taking up the mantle they were destined to have.

Tony reviewed Weapon X #1, and he made it as brief as possible because they got way off tangent while Linz did her review.  Although the story starts off with not a lot to tell where its going, it left a huge impression on Tony with whats to come.  And how does Old Man Logan fit into this new interest in the people who run the Weapon X program.

They also talked a lot more of mutants with casting for Deadpool.  Tony also talked briefly of the next event in marvels line up.   And the group is hopeful that the rumors of no events after “Secret Empire” for 18 months are true.  Also, who watches the Watchmen, and who will watch it again as a cartoon?

Best on Tap was Old Man Logan #21.

Booze and a Book was also X-men Blue #1 paired with a Colt 45.

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