Drunk on Comics Podcast 254: Marvel Generations Legacy: The Afterbirth


Drunk on Comics Podcast 254: Marvel Generations Legacy: The Afterbirth

Linz, Tony, Josh, and Connor (kinda) got together in the studio this week to talk about some great comics and tasty news tidbits. Tony started the podcast by sharing the fun he had at Founder’s Black Party (you guy, living in Grand Rapids is literally the best) but the subject quickly moved to what brings us together every week, great comics.

Linz reviewed an indie comic that is going to be released at the end of May. Being a podcaster has its perks, and one of them is getting to read awesome material early so that we can share it with other people. This is definitely one of those cases. The comic is called Destiny, NY. This book, which was funded through a Kickstarter campaign, is written by Pat Shand with art from Manuel Preitano. The story takes place in a version of New York City where magic is real and completely normal. Logan McBride, the main character of the story, is a girl who is considered a Prophecy Kid (children who will to do great things for society in their future) but fulfills her prophecy at a very young age. The story follows Logan years after her big moment and how she is living her life being this reality’s version of a former child star. She is also a lesbian, which I only mention because it is important to the story and the author, as a man, does a great job writing this character as a gay female. Definitely check this book out when if goes on sale on Amazon.

Tony talked about two comics this week…I know! Two! He showed both DC and Marvel some love with reviews of Batman #21 and Secret Empire #0. Batman #21 is the first part of “The Button” arc, and yes, it’s that button. Tony was enamored with the panel layout of the comic and how it impacted the story the featured The Flash along with Batman, and also hockey. DC has been killing it lately, and this comic is no exception. Secret Empire #0 is the kick off issue for Marvel’s latest event, and Tony really enjoyed this story, even through his event fatigue. Steve Rogers, who was revealed to be Hydra agent in a previous event, is finally leading Hydra to their ultimate goal of world domination. This is going to be an interesting ride and we are all looking forward to where this event will take us.

The news that the gang covered this week was Marvel’s tease of their fall event (yes, yes, we know), Legacy and what that may entail, DC’s new banner Dark Matter, border troubles for an artist trying to make it to C2E2, and the upcoming television series Cloak and Dagger.

Booze and a Book this week was M.S.B.A. MF Donkey Stout paired with Black Science #29 and Best on Tap was Batman #21 (along with Flash #21).


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