Drunk on Comics presents: The Drunky Awards


Drunk on Comics presents: The Drunky Awards

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Drunk on Comics is proud to bring you our very first award show.   This podcast has all of the winners for each category mentioned 2 weeks ago, listed below, as well as some fun ones that we just decided to come up with.  We want to thank again the many people who took the time to cast their vote in our inaugural Drunky Awards show.  We can’t wait to see who will come out on top in comics in the upcoming year.

And as we mentioned before, if you would like to a part of our Academy of Drunkards, it is really simple.  Just drop us a line.  Interact with us.  Have a beer or 2 with us and it pretty much gets you in the door.  Tell us what you like or don’t like through email, twitter or Facebook.  But now on with the show….. The winners for all categories that had a vote are:



Best Hero:   Batman



Best Villain:   Joker 




Best Antihero:   Superior Spider-Man




Cover artis:    Alex Ross




Best miniseries:   Daredevil End of Days




Best 1-shot:   God Hates Astronauts



Colorist:   Jordie Bellaire



Best artist:   Fiona Staples



Best Publisher:  Image



Best writer:    Brian K Vaughn



Best new series: (Tie)     Afterlife with Archie  &      All New X-Men



Best ongoing series:    Saga




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