Drunk on Comics Episode 196- If We Didn’t Offend You, You Weren’t Really Listening


Derek and Linz were allllll byyyyy ourselves in Derek’s makeshift studio today, which lead to some pretty great conversation. Tony abandoned us to go on a bachelor party weekend in Chicago, which was guaranteed to be full of booze and debauchery. The fort was held down, and no filters were to be had in this podcast.

Psychosis #1 was reviewed from Outpouring Comics. It is always enjoyable to review comics from Indie labels we have never heard from before, as we love the help people get the word out about their passion projects. Adam Atkinson and David Coates did a great job creating a crazy Tyler Durden meets Ninjak superhero here, and we were very appreciative to be able to review it and share it with all of you.

Derek talked some high finance in this episode, and why you should not get a Marvel credit card, even though you really want to…. And he probably offended every creditor across the country. Linz and Derek also ranted about their distate for customer service, and how stupid the general population can be. (Not you, great listeners. We would never make fun of you. Ever. Seriously.)

Booze and a Book was Moon Knight #1, Written by Jeff Lemire, paired with the only thing we could think to do this book justice. A Shot of White Lightning, Tennessee Moonshine. Specifically, from Ole’ Smoky Distillery in Gatlinburg, because Derek is fond of that tourist trap of a town.


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