Drunk on Comics Podcast 165: The Main Event and The Final Countdown


Drunk on Comics Podcast 165: The Main Event and The Final Countdown

Tony, Derek, Adam and Matt attempted to try out their acapella skills…. And realized they should just stick to talking about comic books. So to start off, Derek apologized for what he thought was a bad territory in battle world when he originally reviewed 1872 but in the second issue he thought the characters in the wild west, especially why Stark has taken up the bottle, very interesting for a secret wars book. Not forgetting DC’s event, Tony loved the direction the Darkseid War is going in Justice League #43. And since Batman plans for everything, is there anything he can’t do knowing all while sitting in the Mobius Chair.

Marvel is having fun making crazy stories in the secret wars event, and Howard the human is one of these. Adam loved the animal versions of known marvel characters interacting with a non duck named Howard. Matt thought Loki was done, but it seems they had one more story to share coming out with Loki #17 this week. And it ended with some interesting reveals that some stories will change over time, but some are timeless as well.

Indie Turnpike was Island #2 which is a thick book for the price

Booze and book paired Bells Brewery Planet Series: Mars with Martian Manhunt #3, for obvious reasons

Best on tap this week was actually one that you could sum up the book by its cover with Justice League #43 by Jason Fabok

justice league 43

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